Industrial Systems


Our service – when and wherever you need it.

Osmo still sees customer service as invaluable personal and individual support. Our technical expertise is available to you worldwide and we take pride in supporting the optimization of production processes and planning directly where you need it. If you wish we also happily accompany you during planning and purchase of machinery, whether new or used, required for your production, closely followed by the training of your production team as well as accompanying the first steps of finishing. All of this, and much more, is incorporated into the Osmo all-round service concept and can be called upon anytime you wish or require.

Our specialists work with you to create an analysis of requirement to ensure that you can get production started as swiftly as possible without problem, color samples, developed together with you, for your production can also be created and reviewed within our technical department. During talks we work together with you to find perfect solutions to meet your production, efficiency and economic demands.

  • Worldwide network of expertise
  • Individual analysis of requirement
  • Accompanying first production
  • Training of production personnel