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We are currently building our distribution network in the United States and we are looking for retailers who are enthusiastic about retailing our unique, natural oil and wax products that offers countless advantages over conventional coatings.

Osmo is a well known name among European woodworkers, particularly in Germany and the UK and is available in over 60 countries worldwide. Osmo is used and trusted by countless businesses worldwide for its industry leading natural wood finishes.

Become a Supplier

Contact us to find out more about becoming an Osmo supplier by filling out the contact form below and an Osmo USA representative will be in touch shortly.

Grow your business with Osmo

  • Profitable sales margins
  • Volume-based stocking incentives
  • Cost-effective product samples
  • Attractive and stylish Osmo retail displays
  • Complete range of products for Flooring, Woodwork and Furniture
  • Interior and Exterior products that are highly regarded and positively reviewed
  • High quality and in-demand maintenance products suitable for all flooring types
  • Industry leading high-performance products that are user friendly and easy to apply
  • Custom product training for both retailers their customers
  • Marketing and advertising opportunities including promotional materials

Why Osmo?

  • Based on natural oils and waxes
  • Safe for Children’s toys and and food safe
  • Low level emissions: solvent free and low VOC products available
  • Efficient and user friendly application
  • LEED Compliant Finishes
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