Industrial Finishing Concept

Wood Meets Oil Naturally with Osmo Because Experience is Knowledge

As a specialist in wood and wood finishes, Osmo has been developing natural wood finishes to perfectly meet and accentuate the natural character and beauty of wood for decades. The Polyx® system presents oil based finishes for industrial application allowing you to meet the growing demand for open porous surface finishes in the highest quality without reducing production efficiency or economic disadvantage.

Osmo wood finishes are good for the wood and great for your customers: sunflower- , soy-, linseed- and thistle oil are the basis for our recipes. The natural waxes we use are permitted for use in contact with foodstuffs, the pigments are refined, purified and free from traces of heavy metals and impurities. We also steer clear of so called “Eco” solvents such as citrus oils, which are known to cause allergies, and use a disaromatised white spirit in our finishes.

Wood Finishes from Osmo

  • Based on natural oils and waxes
  • Pleasant haptic and food safe
  • Low level production emissions
  • Efficient industrial application

A Strong Brand Based on Experience

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